Dale Farm

Fueling Young Minds

Dale Farm was keen to drive awareness of its provision of School Milk to primary schools across Northern Ireland and, in doing so, highlight the nutritional goodness of milk, particularly for developing bodies; and raise awareness around the ‘milk journey’ from farm to fridge.

Young writers were encouraged to enter a competition, get creative and design a short comic style story, starring the Dale Farm superhero – ‘SuperCow’, a female hero with super nutritious super powers.

Branding | Packaging | Social Media | Illustration | Filming & Editing | Animation | Website Design | Print Design

Dale Farm outdoor advertising on a billboard

Reimagining the packaging of well-loved products felt like dropping a fresh remix on a classic track. We added unexpected twists and modern flair, but kept the core essence intact. The process was as exhilarating as it was rewarding, shaking up the status quo without losing the plot.

Dale Farm Tanker at sun set
Dale Farm social media advertising on a phone mock up
Dale Farm website advertising on Laptop mockup
Dale Farm farmers Illustration

Incorporating illustrations into the
point-of-sale materials added a distinct, eye-catching layer to the customer experience. It went beyond mere information delivery; it engaged, told a story, and set the brand apart. The artwork wasn’t just decor—it became a silent salesperson, making each transaction a bit more memorable.

Dale Farm Brand Guidelines
Dale Farm Ice Cream Truck design
Dale Farm Sukie Ice Lollies Packaging
Dale Farm Twist Cup Packaging
Dale Farm Favourite Ice Lollies Packaging

Designing for new products gave us the unique opportunity to set the tone from the get-go. With no preconceptions to consider, we had the freedom to explore innovative designs. The experience was both thrilling and rewarding, as we helped shape the market’s first impressions.

Dale Farm Cream POS