Dale Farm

Turning Heads and Changing Hearts: The Brand Revolution Story

We took this legendary brand hot off the press from its biggest glow up in its history, and transformed its collateral from functional to unforgettable. From captivating TV spots to a digital presence that turns heads, we tackled everything. This project was not just about adding a fresh coat of paint but bringing the new identity to life.

We started by reinventing the experience across multiple touchpoints. Think magazine spreads that tell a story, in-store displays that pull you in, and a social media vibe that’s utterly contagious. It’s not just a job; it’s an all-encompassing brand metamorphosis that we’re beyond proud to have rolled out.

Packaging | Social Media | Print Design | Digital Design | Filming & Editing | Animation

Dale Farm outdoor advertising on a billboard

From 3D product renders, animated TV and social media advertisements to fully immersive experiences we have loved bringing the Dale Farm brand to life and helping it reach a wider audience.

Dale Farm Tanker at sun set
Dale Farm social media advertising on a phone mock up
Dale Farm website advertising on Laptop mockup
Dale Farm farmers Illustration

Building upon the illustration style and incorporating this into the point-of-sale materials added a distinct, eye-catching layer to the customer experience. It went beyond mere information delivery; it engaged, told a story, and set the brand apart. The artwork wasn’t just decor—it became a silent salesperson, making each transaction a bit more memorable.

Dale Farm Brand Guidelines
Dale Farm Ice Cream Truck design
Dale Farm Sukie Ice Lollies Packaging
Dale Farm Twist Cup Packaging
Dale Farm Favourite Ice Lollies Packaging

Rolling out new brand across a full the suite of well-loved products felt like remixing a classic track. We added unexpected twists and modern flair while preserving the core essence. The process was as exhilarating as it was rewarding, shaking up the status quo without losing the plot.

Dale Farm Cream POS