Dromona Butter Christmas packaging


Dromona’s Christmas Campaign Transformation

For Dromona’s festive campaign, we decked out everything from holiday-themed packaging to eye-catching ad shells and brochures. Digital ads sparkled with seasonal cheer, animations brought the holiday spirit to life, and social media content turned butter into a Yuletide star. A Christmas makeover that captivated Northern Ireland.

Print Design | Mockup Design | Social Media | Animation | Digital Design

Dromona Butter Christmas Adshel
Dromona Butter packaging
Dromona Butter Christmas magazine advertising

Our print campaign for Dromona’s Christmas drive blended traditional elements with modern twists. While brochures and other materials showcased eye-catching 3D renders, QR codes subtly invited consumers to explore further online. The result was a tactile and digital experience that enriched the festive spirit of the brand.

Dromona Butter Christmas social media advertising

Our ‘Win £1,000’ digital campaign for Dromona thrived through engaging animations on social media. These short, visually compelling pieces were designed to both encapsulate the festive spirit and drive contest engagement, serving as key pillars in our comprehensive digital strategy for the holiday season.”

Dromona Butter Christmas website advertising
Dromona Butter Christmas in store advertising

In-shop advertising for Dromona’s ‘Win £1,000’ campaign was anything but background noise. Strategically placed and designed to captivate, these displays caught the consumer’s eye and led them straight to the product. The blend of festive visuals and the allure of a cash prize turned casual browsers into committed buyers, making the campaign a retail standout during the holiday rush.”