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Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke

Unmasking Vaping: A Satirical Twist for Serious Impact

We tackled the vaping surge for Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke by flipping the script—using satire to speak directly to young minds. At first glance, it appears as a lighthearted, whimsical promotion that mimics the visual style of vaping company advertisements to get the attention of younger audiences. However, closer inspection reveals a list of vaping-related consequences and satirical callouts.

Our campaign isn’t just visuals; it’s a movement. Featured on national TV, endorsed by parents, it’s making waves. Look out for our visuals—they’re leaving a mark, unraveling the truth about vaping. Explore more on the NICHS website.

This campaign has been mentioned in prominent publications as well as on national television and has most recently won an award at the Belfast Telegraph Business Awards for Marketing Excellence.

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Laptop mockup with anti-vaping blog

Contrary to common belief, many individuals underestimate or are unaware of the risks associated with vaping, believing it to be a harmless alternative to traditional cigarettes, yet this is far from the truth. The long-term health effects remain largely unknown, mirroring the early days of tobacco consumption.

As evidence mounts and concerns grow, particularly regarding cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses associated with vaping, it is imperative to dispel the myths and confront the facts surrounding this issue.

Billboard with anti-vaping ad
Phone mockup with anti-vaping ad
"it's not that bad for you"