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We had the privilege of collaborating with the Nerve Centre and Professor Stephen Smart, along with a host of experts to craft a suite of engaging educational content. From scriptwriting to storyboarding, filming, illustration, and animation, our team invested creativity and expertise to bring these ideas to life. The focal point of our efforts was to provide young minds with a captivating learning experience about our planet and its wonders.

Additionally, we captured thought-provoking interviews with renowned personalities like Oliver Jeffers, adding a layer of depth and insight to our portfolio. This project allowed us to seamlessly blend storytelling with impactful visual communication. The end result is a collection of dynamic and informative content.

Illustration | Filming & Editing | Animation

The sun and all the planets
An astronaut floating through space
The space station
An astronaut on the moon
A rocket ship wit planets and stars
A rocket ship blasting off
An astronaut doing a space walk
Planets orbiting the sun
Behind the scenes photos of filming on a green screen
Our Place In Space Logo