Revolutionising Real Estate

At Mashmob, we transformed Propertynews into a dynamic and captivating brand that redefined real estate reporting. Through strategic repositioning, compelling visual storytelling, custom-designed marketing materials, and engaging social media assets, we breathed new life into the world of Propertynews, making it more exciting and relevant than ever.

Social Media | Illustration | Filming & Editing | Animation | Print Design | Packaging

Propertynews outside advertising on a billboard
Propertynews custom gingerbread house biscuit

Reimagining the packaging of well-loved products felt like dropping a fresh remix on a classic track. We added unexpected twists and modern flair, but kept the core essence intact. The process was as exhilarating as it was rewarding, shaking up the status quo without losing the plot.

Propertynews Instagram feed mockup on an ipad
Propertynews Printed card
Propertynews custom cake
Propertynews selection of social media posts
Propertynews outside adshel advertising
Propertynews outside advertising
Propertynews Printed card